Error log (BERR010)

Name convention


Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in PayEx ledger system
DateTimeDate created in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
ErrorlogKundFile description
BatchIdBilling process Id

For example: BERR010_12345_20220415093539_0[ErrorlogKund_1234567].DAT

Change log

VersionDateDescriptionCreated by
1.022-02-22Document createdDaniel Olsson

General information and explanation of records

The error log presenting format and logical errors in KUB -files.

Format description

All fields in the mentioned report are separated with semicolons ”;”. Sort order is sequence number. The format field is written in the way that numerical values are written as N and alphanumerical characters are written as X. where ”n” is the maximum number of characters/digits or in certain cases number of characters that must exist.

Dot “.” is decimal separator on fields with amount. Some records are not obligatory but if they exist some fields in the record can be obligatory. Obligatory records are described with the abbreviation ” Req.” in the type column.

Record description

H - Header record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1HReq.Record type
Firm number2N(5)Req.You receive the firm number from PayEx.
Firm name3X(40)Req.Your firm name.
Process Id4N(10)Req.Process Id from process
Created date6N(6)Req.YYMMDD – Same date as in the file name.
Created time7N(4)Req.HHMM – Time when the file was created.

I - Information record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1IReq.Information record type
Code2N(15)Req.Information code
Description3X(1000)Req.Description of information code

W - Warning record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1WReq.Warning record type
Code2N(15)Req.Warning code
Line3N(15) Corresponding line number in file
Customer number4X(15) Customer number
Type5X(50)Req.Warning type (format/logic)
Description6X(1000)Req.Warning description

E - Error record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1EReq.Error record type
Code2N(15)Req.Error code
Line3N(15) Corresponding line number in file
Customer number4X(15) Customer number
Type5X(50)Req.Error type (format/logic)
Description6X(1000)Req.Error description

S - Trailer record

Field nameField noFormatTypeDescription
Record type1SReq.Record type
Total number of records2N(8)Req.Number of records, header record, description record and trailer record included.


E;1001;36;cust001;Logic; Incorrect format aabbccddeeffgghhjjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuvv, Exceeds max length[35] [Position 3]
E;1241;44;cust002;Logic; Mandatory field[Address] on position 5 is missing!
E;1241;55;cust003;Logic; Mandatory field[Name] on position 3 is missing!
E;1241;66;cust004;Logic; Mandatory field[Name] on position 3 is missing!
I;15313;Parameters;Name of processed file: KUB_12345_20220113161144_1.DAT


This error report is based on errors detected in PayEx billing system customer file process.
If error occurs in PayEx billing system customer file process the customer will be rejected, not the entire file

Result codes

Information codes

15313ParametersKUB file name

Warning codes

Not used in this error log

Error codes

1001LogicIncorrect format
1019LogicCustomerNumber is missing
1024LogicInvalid RegistrationNumber
1025LogicCountryCode must be the same as where debtor is nationally registered
1026LogicInvalid ZipCode specified for CountryCode and AddressType
1027LogicInvalid ZipCode specified for CountryCode and AddressType
1238LogicDuplicate record
1240LogicInvalid record sequence
1241LogicMandatory field is missing
2500LogicProduct code not configured
2510LogicProduct is not a valid because it is a credit product
2520LogicStart date for product in file is incorrect in relation to product start date
2540LogicStart date is set after end date
2560LogicProducts with shared properties cannot overlap
2570LogicIf CustomerStatus is Inactive, product needs an end date
3000LogicDate has to be within UsagePeriod
3040LogicMultiple pricelists overlap
3050LogicIMSI active in multiple, overlapping, periods
3060LogicCLICode active in multiple, overlapping, periods
3080LogicMissing alias subscription
3090LogicUnknown subscriber number
4000LogicCustomerNumber has already been processed in current file
4010LogicReseller does not exist in DB
4020LogicInvalid CustomerCategoryCode
4030LogicInvalid BillingCycle
4040LogicInvalid PaymentType for country
4050LogicInvalid PaymentRule for country
4090LogicInvalid EmailAddress
4100LogicInvalid LanguageCode
4110LogicInvalid ProductGroupDiscountCode
4120LogicProductGroupDiscountCode set in file, but ProductGroupDiscountRate is missing
4130LogicProductGroupDiscountRate set in file, but ProductGroupDiscountCode is missing
4140LogicBuyerId missing: For InvoiceDistributionCode[52] BuyerId required
4150LogicSellerId missing: For InvoiceDistributionCode[52] SellerId required
4155LogicEdiInfo missing: For InvoiceDistributionCode[52] EdiInfo required
4160LogicCard missing! This field is mandatory for PaymentMethod [AK].
4170LogicPaymentMethod has to be AK, when Card is specified!
4180LogicInvalid DestinationCode
4190LogicInvalid UsageType
4200LogicUsageType is active in multiple, overlapping, periods
4210LogicSpecialPrice is active in multiple, overlapping, periods
4220LogicCustomerNumber has to many leading zeros
4230LogicCustomerNumber has already been inactivated!
4240LogicPaymentTerms is lower than the allowed limit
4250LogicIntercompanyCode does not exist in configuration.
6000LogicCustomer has unbilled fee(s). Customer status cannot be set to Inactive


Created by Anders Göthberg on 2022/02/14 08:19