Receipt (BRCP010)

Name convention


Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in PayEx ledger system
DateTimeDate created in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
ReceiptCustomerfileFile description
BatchIdBilling process Id

For example: BRCP010_12345_20220109110841_0[ReceiptCustomerfile_2746770].DAT

Change log

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Created document

Daniel Olsson

General information and explanation of records

Receipt file for KUB include number of processed customers, number of accepted and number of rejected customer.

Format description

All fields in the mentioned report are separated with semicolons ”;”. Sort order is sequence number. The format field is written in the way that numerical values are written as N and alphanumerical characters are written as X. where ”n” is the maximum number of characters/digits or in certain cases number of characters that must exist.

Dot “.” is decimal separator on fields with amount. Some records are not obligatory but if they exist some fields in the record can be obligatory. Obligatory records are described with the abbreviation ” Req.” in the type column.

Record description

H - Header record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1HReq.Record type
Firm number2N(5)Req.You receive the firm number from PayEx.
Firm name3X(40)Req.Your firm name.
Process Id4N(10)Req.Process Id from process
Created date6N(6)Req.YYMMDD – Same date as in the file name.
Created time7N(4)Req.HHMM – Time when the file was created.

I - Information record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1IReq.Information record type
Code2N(15)Req.Information code
Description3X(1000)Req.Description of information code

W - Warning record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1WReq.Warning record type
Code2N(15)Req.Warning code
Description3X(1000)Req.Description of warning code

E - Error record

Field nameField no.FormatTypeDescription
Record type1EReq.Error record type
Code2N(15)Req.Error code
Description3X(1000)Req.Description of error code

S - Trailer record

Field nameField noFormatTypeDescription
Record type1SReq.Record type
Total number of records2N(8)Req.Number of records, header record, description record and trailer record included.


I;10;Name of processed file;KUB_12345_20220118161144_1.DAT
I;11;Total number of processed customers;4
I;12;Number of correct customers;3
W;13;Number of incorrect customers;1


This receipt is based on receipt values resulting from Billing customer import process.

Result codes

Information codes

10Name of processed file
11Total number of processed customers
12Number of correct customers

Warning codes

30Number of incorrect customers

Error codes

Not used in this receipt


Created by Anders Göthberg on 2022/02/14 08:20