Anonymous Payments

This scenario describes how to implement PayEx Checkout for anonymous customers.


In contrast to the standard PayEx Checkout flow, anonymous payments neither implement the Checkin flow nor generating any consumer profile. This means that PayEx will not be able to show any form of pre-registrered payment information. 


Before you can start integrating PayEx Checkout, you will need to have the following in place:

  • HTTPS enabled web server
  • Agreement that includes PayEx Checkout
  • Obtained credentials (merchant access token) from PayEx

If you're missing either of these, please contact for assistance.

Payment Menu

In this scenario the Payment Menu is the initial step. The main difference from the general scenario is that that the payment order will be initiated with all necessary payment information, excluding the consumerProfileRef token.  

Please see the corresponding payment menu section in the standard setup scenario:

Implementing Payment Menu Back End

Implementing Payment Menu Front End

Implementing Order management (Capture, Cancel and Reversal).


Created by Fredrik Köhler on 2018/10/04 17:34