In this section you find resources that get you started with PayEx' e-commerce plattform.

PayEx Admin account

Get started and aquainted with your PayEx admin account. 

Getting started

To administrate your payment instruments, resource tokens and users you need a merchant account.

Take me to the getting started manual - explaining how to set up my merchant account.

Interface and search functionality

Get an overview of how to locate your payments and transaction in your merchant admin account.

Take me to the admin manual - explaining how to navigate the admin interface and search for payments and transactions.   

PayEx branding and logotypes.

Looking for logotypes to use on your merchant store/webshop?

Take me to PayEx branding where you can find logos for PayEx and affiliated payment instruments.

Modules and libraries

You want to use one of our supported modules and libraries, as an alternative to implementing towards our REST-APIs?

Take me to the Modules and Libraries section that lists of all modules that are supported.

Test Data

Need test data to verify the integration of your payment instruments?

Take me to the Test Data section.

Created by Asbjørn Ulsberg on 2018/03/06 11:09