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1 == Service area ==
3 {{ServiceArea ServiceAreaDescription="We have everything you need in order to receive payments online. Increase your conversion rates in all markets and across all devices. One payment provider, one solution, one interface — it doesn't get easier than this!" ServiceAreaName="eCommerce" ServiceAreaPage="Main.ecommerce.WebHome" ServiceAreaIcon="34_ikon_responsiv_design"}}{{/ServiceArea}}
5 {{ServiceArea ServiceAreaDescription="For batch processed invoice payments, Invoice Service has you covered." ServiceAreaName="Ledger & Factoring" ServiceAreaPage="Invoicing" ServiceAreaIcon="19_ikon_faktura"}}{{/ServiceArea}}
7 {{ServiceArea ServiceAreaDescription="For Vas APIs and other services" ServiceAreaName="VAS" ServiceAreaPage="API" ServiceAreaIcon="19_ikon_faktura"}}{{/ServiceArea}}