3. Contract billing

This is a technical overview of the ContractBilling file (XML) to be sent to PayEx upon billing of customer contracts. The file contains detailed billing instructions for each customer contract that should be billed.

Please note that your Response files might only utilize and/or contain a subset of all elements described below. See the XSD version for your response files to learn more.


The Contract billing file contains all customers and contracts that is to billed.

For each contract, the total amount to bill must be stated including a specification of all the products that is part of the bill/amount.
In addition to the billing instructions, the customer's address should always be included in this file.

Below diagram shows the structure of ContractBilling in current version



Name convention



Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in our ledger system
DateTimeDate created, Should be in the format  ISO 8601 format, YYYYMMDDThhmmdd
SerialNumberShould follow an uninterupted number series, 00001, and so on.

Download current XML schema file

ContractBilling_[1.0].xsd1.02018-04-01Initial version
ContractBilling_[1.1].xsd1.12021-10-11Added support for RecurringCard
ContractBilling_[1.2].xsd1.22022-04-05Added support for OffContract.
Added distributionType that alters the default distribution for the billing instruction
ContractBilling[1.X].xsd1.32022-04-26Added support for new eCurrencyTypes USD and GBP


Version 1.0

April, 2018


 Initial version

Version 1.1

October, 2021


Added support for RecurringCard
  Optional elements BillingInfo > PaymentInfo > Clear / Set > Card

Version 1.2

April, 2022


Added support for OffContract.
Added DistributionType that alters the default distribution for the billing instruction

Version 1.3 (Latest)

April, 2022


Added support for new eCurrencyTypes USD and GBP


Created by David Persson on 2020/06/25 22:35