If errors are encountered during CUSIN file processing an errorlog will be created, describing what type of error i.e. logical, format or xml-validation error.

CUSIN Errorlog file


If any error occurs during the process of a cusin XML file, an errorlog is generated consisting of:

  • detailed description of all the errors that occured (ResponseItems file)
  • the elements of the original file that failed (OriginItems file)

Depending of the type of error you can choose to correct the invalid elements and transfer again in a new cusin file (using the next number in the cusin number series).

Error Codes

Below is a list of some errorcodes that may occur in the errorfile

1210AccountName must be unique
1024Registration number XXXXX is invalid

Name convention

ERRCUSIN_<CompanyNumber>_<DateTime>_<SerialNumber>[Original related filename].xml

Name componentsDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in our ledger system
DateTimeDate created, Should be in the format  ISO 8601 format, YYYYMMDDhhmmdd
SerialNumberShould follow an uninterrupted number series, 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Current XML schema description

A detailed description of the elements in the current version of the XML schema definition file (XSD) can be found here

Download current XML schema file


Change Log

Version 2.0

September, 2016


 Initial version (latest documented version)

Download sample files

ERRCUSIN_367_20191030093754_0[CUSIN_367_20190911090044_93.xml] (ResponseItems)

ERRCUSIN_367_20191030093613_0[CUSIN_367_20190911090044_93.xml] (OriginItems)

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