7. BalanceReport

The Balance Report (Client Asset Disbursement) specifies the client assets amount to be payed out and fees related to contracted services.

Payment Summary

Provides a summary of the the Amount to be paid out, Fees and VAT. Fees are either deducted from the amount to be paid out or invoiced separately, depending on setup.

Sales specification

Provides a specification for the given period. Each record of Client asset disbursement in the ARSettlement/Balance Report corresponds to the sum of all book records "Short-term receivable from PayEx" (BookAccount 1684, 1390, 6490 or 1760 depending on country), per BookDate.

Fees specification

Provides a specification over fees for the given period. The fees total is specified per payment area and underlying payment instruments. Each fees row specify Quantity (sales), Amount (sales), Unit price, Provision and fee Amount. Depending on setup, fees are either deducted from the amount to be paid out, or (when applicable) invoiced separately. When invoiced separately, fees will be aggregated and specified monthly every 2nd bank day, regarding services for the previous month.

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PayEx fees deducted from amount to be paid out

PayEx fees invoiced separatly

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