Technical glossary

Term (Eng.)Term (Swe.)Description
Bicus2 (File)Kundfil Customer file in XML format
KUB (File)Kundfil Customer file in CSV format
Bicus2 Response (File)ResponsfilResponse file from Bicus2
PR01 (File)ProduktfilProduct file, file for non recurrent product in CSV format
Revenue AccountingIntäksbokföringRevenue Accounting is a service in PayEx Billing system where PayEx provides with accounting files and reports
FeesAvgifterNon recurrent and recurrent fees, send to PayEx in PR01 or customer files
Products ProdukterProduct send to PayEx in PR file, can be services or products
CustomerKundPerson/company in PayEx Billing system, the receiver of the invoice
Created by David Persson on 2021/01/29 09:26