Unbilled Report

After each billrun in PayEx Billing we create a UnbilledReport. The report contains products and fees not yet invoiced at end-costumer level. 

Name convention

When the report is ordered two files will be generated.



Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in PayEx ledger system
DateTimeDate created in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS

From witch argument the report is created by, Possible values:

NRP = Non recurrent products, products from PR01-file

*U = Usage, traffic or events from CDR:s

*UoNRP = Usage and non recurrent products aggregated

*Is not used without agreement

BatchIdThe identification number from the creation of the InvoiceJournal creation process ID

For example: 


The file is semicolon-separated.

Change log

VersionDateDescriptionCreated by

First version.

Tomas Kristoffersson

General information and explanation of records

After billing PayEx Billing are finished the reports BRPT001 and BRPT002 are created, the reports contains companies unbilled products and fees that are sent for billing, but for some reason not been invoiced. 

The BRPT001 report is semicolon separated for updating database or import to excel.

The BRPT002 report is in text -format, easy to read and printable, the report are divided in sections based on the size of amount for each customer. 

Both reports present the total amount for not invoiced products and other fees on each customer number.

Record description

For a detailed presentation of each possible record: Record description

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