If errors are encountered during Bicus file processing an errorlog will be created, describing what type of error i.e. logical, format or xml-validation error.

BicusResponse file


The response file from Bicus returns only rejected customers. All information about the rejected customer that was send is returned and various/different error messages for each customer will be presented.
For both CustomerInfo and DeviationInfo a responsefile will be produced.
If the firm doesn´t use DevationInfo no response file regarding deviations will be returned..

Error Codes

Below is a list of some errorcodes that may occur in the errorfile

????vanligaste felen
????vanligaste felen

Name convention


Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in our ledger system
DateTimeDate created, Should be in the format  ISO 8601 format, YYYYMMDDhhmmss
SerialNumberShould follow an uninterupted number series, 00001, and so on.

Download current XML schema file


Change Log

September, 2018


 Initial version (latest documented version)

Download sample files

BICUS2RESPONSE_1010_20201121174541_998.xml (ResponseWithErrors)

BICUS2RESPONSE_1010_20201124160140_999.xml (OkResponse)

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