Revenue Accounting input

Revenue accounting rules are set up in PayEx Billing together with the company to reflect the company's accounting.

Together with ProductCatalog, where the company submits its products' capacity for accounting, the revenue can be reported to the company.

Accounting rules - overview

In PayEx Billing internal GUI parameter set the companies accounting accounts with other instructions so revenue accounting could be created in PayEx Billing and be delivered to the company.

General ledger accounts

General ledger accounts are classified according to belonging of the companies' Balance and Income Statement. In the Balance Sheet, accounts are used that start with 1 and 2. 1 = Asset, 2 = Debt In the Income Statement, accounts are used that start from 3 and up. These show companies' Revenues and Expenses. 3 = Revenue, 8 = Revenue and 7 = Cost.

General ledgers products

The general ledger products are used in the accounting to show the type of product that has been invoiced.

Revenue types

Here, the company can divide its revenues into the types on which they want to follow up the results.

Vat codes

The VAT codes are produced in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency's rules regarding VAT reporting. In the VAT report, you must state what turnover you had for e.g. for sales within Sweden 25%, VAT-free sales, sales within the EU etc. etc.

Revenue Vat codes

The revenue types are registered down to individual VAT types, VAT rates and the current VAT code.

Accounting rules - Revenues

Revenue table that shows which accounting account to use depending on the type of income. For each type of income, there are three accounting accounts, one for each type of VAT

Accounting rules - Vat General ledger account

Here, VAT rates in combination with VAT type are linked with accounting accounts for Outgoing VAT

Accounting rules - Billed in advance

Table showing how each type of income should be accounted in the monthly report BilledInAdvance-Report

Accounting rules - Unbilled Product

Table showing how each type of revenue is to be accounted in the monthly report UnfilledProduct-report

Accounts receivable general ledger account

Instructions for which accounting account to use for Own invoice receivables.

Accounting rules - Output VAT

Instruction for which accounting accounts are to be used for the VAT rates.

Accounting rules - Rounding general ledger account

Instructions for how to account round off 

Accounting rules - Recurring products

Management of recurring products and how they should be accounted.


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