All ledger reports are available for order and download at any time in PayEx 360.

A selection of reports can also be scheduled so that at given times they are created and made available via sftp.

N.B. Can only be used if specially contracted with PayEx, contact us to learn more.

Available Reports

Report nameFile NameDescription
Remaining surplus detailsARFILEREPORT103Surplus per customer
Remaining collection payments, detailsARFILEREPORT104Payments in transfer to debt collection system
Remaining company accounts, detailsARFILEREPORT105Unidentified/unmatched payments
Ledger reportARFILEREPORT106Complete ledger report, for accounting reconciliation
(ledger value as of any specified date)
Ledger reportARFILEREPORT110Complete ledger report with invoice details
(ledger value as of the time of scheduled ordering)
Credit reportARFILEREPORT125Credit report standard
Credit reportARFILEREPORT127Credit report including book account details


Created by Fredrik Nilsson on 2021/06/29 16:53