9. ARAccounting

This is a technical overview of the ARAccounting report containing bookkeeping data. The file is exported from PayEx on a daily schedule.

ARAccounting is only applicable in conjunction with PayEx Billing Service.
(Can only be used if specially contracted with PayEx, contact us to learn more.)



ARAccountingdescribes the accounting records (bookkeeping data) on a transactional level. 

Please note that your ARAccounting file, depending on package type and file version, might only utilize and/or contain a subset of all elements described below. See the XSD for your ARAccounting file version to learn more.


The file uses UTF-8 encoding

Name convention


Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in our ledger system
DateTimeThe date and time that the file was created. Uses ISO 8601 format, YYYYMMDDhhmmdd
SerialNumberShould follow an uninterupted  number series, 00001 and so on.


The ARAccounting contains the following attributes compared to ARAccounting Detail:

  • InterCompanyCode
  • VatCode
  • CustomerNo

XSD Validation

The ARAccounting file must be validated toward an up-to-date XSD (ARAccounting_[x.x].xsd). You can download the latest version below.

Current XML schema description

A detailed description of the elements in the current version of the XML schema definition file (XSD) can be found here

Download current XML schema file



Version 1.0

january, 2020


 Initial version (latest documented version)

Created by Rasmus Enekvist on 2019/11/21 10:08