Implementation Guide: API


This is a general step-for-step implementations guide that guide you through setting up a REST API integration to PayEx Invoice Service.


Before you start implementing PayEx Invoice Service the following is required:

  • An agreement that includes PayEx Invoice Service (API).
  • A basic understanding of requirements for server-to-server communication.
  • Security implementation and credentials from PayEx.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to get started.


Invoice service APIs_3.svg

Invoice layout

Everything you need to know about the invoice layout and how it correspond to the Invoice Service API.

Invoice layout

Supplementary features

Additional features and functions supported in PayEx Invoice Service

Supplementary features

Technical reference

Covers Invoice Service ledger API's and record descriptions for available reports and files.

Technical Reference

Invoice Service Ledger API's:

This API is used to create/read customers or change properties related to the customer

This API is used to create new invoices on existing customers

This API is used to retrieve information related to the customer's invoices

This API is used to download available reports and files related to the companys accounts receivable:

Ledger Report

AR FILEREPORT 106 file contains a complete ledger report, for accounting reconciliation.

The file is available the first day of the month showing the complete receivables account balance value as of the last calendar day of the previous month.


Bookkeeping data is produced on a transactional level and per value date. Files are exported from PayEx on a daily schedule.

AR Accounting file describes the accounting records and Includes invoice number, book account, amount, value date, etc.

Balance Report

The AR Settlement (Client Asset Disbursement) includes:

  • A payment summary: of ledger amounts, fees, VAT and of total amount to be paid out.
  • A sales specification: Each line of "Client asset disbursement" equals a summary of short-term receivable from PayEx in the corresponding ARAccounting
  • A Fees specification:  Depending on setup, fees are either deducted from the amount to be paid out, or (when applicable) to be invoiced separatly. Each fees row specify Quantity (sales), Amount (sales), Unit price, Provision and fee Amount.

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