Invoice Service


PayEx Invoice Service is a full invoice service that handle the administrative parts of the invoicing process, unlocking time and resources for your business. You send you invoice claims data to us and we take care of the rest!

This documentation targets technical system integrators and developers implementing PayEx Invoice Service.

We retrieve the invoice information from you either through PayEx' XML based CUSIN file format or via PayEx' set of REST API

Invoice service includesSupporting the following features
  • Accounts Receivable - we generate ledger posts for your sales. 
  • Invoicing - we have the capacity to generate a large amount of invoices in bulk.
  • Distribution - we distribute all invoices by mail or electronically.
  • Collection - we remind customers of invoice claims and handle debt collection.


Structure of this documentation

This documentation contains several parts, as described below.

A step-for-step implementation scenario

Learn how to implement invoice service.

Invoice Layout

Learn how to edit invoice content

Additional features and functions

Learn of the additional features and functions that are available for your company.

Technical reference

Dive into the technical reference to get a technical overview that covers file and API references, XSD and example files.


Created by David Persson on 2019/06/11 14:47