PayEx Billing accumulates submitted fees and products and creates an invoice for these fees and products. PayEx Billing also can help you to account your revenue, which will unlock time and resources for your business. You send your invoice information to us and PayEx Billing will take care of the rest!

This documentation targets technical system integrators and developers implementing PayEx Billing service.

We retrieve invoice information from you by XML based Bicus2 file or a csv based KUB file and Product-file. After the billrun PayEx deliver xml-files for accounting. 

PayEx BillingSupporting the following features
  • Manual registration of credit invoice
  • PayEx Connect


Structure of this documentation

This documentation contains several parts, as described below.

Implementation guide


Technical reference

Explore the technical reference to get an overview that covers file references, XSD and example files.

Reports Billing

Reports that are created during the billingprocess.

Invoice Service

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