Processing KUB-files can be done 24/7 and immediately after processing the file a Response file will be created.

Please note that your Response files might only utilize and/or contain a subset of all elements described below.

KUB file is a customerfile in CSV, and it is used to submit end-user information to PayEx billing. The KUB-file also contains subscriptions och products for end-users. Processing the KUB-files can be done 24/7 and immediately deliver resonse files after processing the file.

Name convention


Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in PayEx ledger system
DateTimeDate created in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
SEQNOUnbroken serial number sequence.

For example: KUB_1234_20201001155511_1.DAT

The file is semicolon-separated.

What to avoid

  • You cannot use the same serial number more than once. In case something goes wrong during KUB processing, you need to supply a new serial number - the next number in the number series you are using - when transferring the rectified file to PayEx.

Change log

VersionDateDescriptionCreated by
1.042020-04-21Corrected file name included secondsAnders Göthberg

Protected identity added to field 7 in C1 (field marked as “not used” in earlier versions)

ZIP code, in A -record extended to 12 characters

Daniel Olsson

1.062022-09-27Legal status added to field 10 in C1 (field marked as “not used” in earlier versions)

Anders Göthberg




Extended address record for C/O address and street address field 2 and 3 in A record from 1-35 to 1-72.

Extended datatype PXNameAddressString with diacritical and cyrillic characters.

Daniel Engström

General information and explanation of records

Customerfile to Billing (KUB) is used to submit end-user information to the PayEx Billing System. KUB contains the end customer's customer information together with all of the end customer's subscriptions and products to be processed in the PayEx Billing System.

The PayEx Billing System processes and stores all correct customers. Incorrect customers will be returned in a detailed error file.

Updated customers have to be sent in its entirety. The sending party sends a total snapshot of a customer’s data to be processed in the Billing System.
If any of the customer's information, for example a subscription not has send it will be deleted in the Billing System.

Processing KUB files can be done 24/7 and response files will be delivered immediately after processing KUB files.


Implementation of KUB requires a complete file with all customers. Otherwise it is sufficient to only send updated customers.

Record description

Record description

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Inactivating a customer can be done by using record C1, field 8 (CustomerStatus). Default is the value = 2 (Active). For inactive value 1 is used.

The requirement to inactivate a customer is that the customers subscriptions are not active and that all products and usage has been billed.

As soon as a customer has been send with value 1 (Inactive) no information regarding this customer will be available in any report or api. A final removal of the customers information will be made after x days, where the recommendation is to use the default of 40 days. Within this period it´s possible to reactivate the customer again.This can be done by sending value Active in the customerstatus

Restriction invoice period of recurring products

PayEx Billing has a restriction for invoice period of recurring products (record C2, MO and PR) to a maximum of 24 historical month.

Response files

If the file contains format errors a general error file will be produced.

If the file format is correct and the file contains correct and incorrect customers an error file with filename (BERR010..ErrorlogKund) and a receipt file (BRCP010..ReceiptCustomerfile) will be produced.

If the file format is correct and the file contains only correct customers no error file will be produced, only a receipt file will be produced.

Receipt and Error -files

Text format : Receipt and Error -file example

CSV format

Error log (BERR010)

Receipt (BRCP010)


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