Please note that your Response files might only utilize and/or contain a subset of all elements described below. See the Record description for your response files to learn more.

Name convention


Names ComponentDescription
CompanyNumberThe company number in PayEx ledger system
DateTimeDate created in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
SEQNOUnbroken serial number sequence.

For example: PR01_1234_20201001155511_1.DAT

The file is semicolon-separated.

What to avoid

  • If the PR01-file contains errors witch needs to be corrected a new PR01 needs to be send with the next coming serial number
  • The customer number needs to be registred in the PayEx Billing system before processing PR01-files containing.

Change log

VersionDateDescriptionCreated by

Updated Q- and B -record with three new fields that can be used to manage different events on layout or in Billing process.

Daniel Olsson

General information and explanation of records

Product file to Billing (PR01) is used to add fees to end-user in the PayEx Billing System. PR01 contains products that are placed on customer level or subscription level on the end customer's customer.

After creating a billrun in the PayEx Billing system the products from the PR01-file will be presented on the invoice.

Incorrect data in fields will be returned in a detailed error file.

PR01 needs to be correct in its total to get processed.

Record description

For a detailed presentation of each possible record: Record description

Response files

Format errors will be returned in a general error file

Incorrect data in fields will be returned into an error file (BERR007..ErrorlogProductfile).

Correct data in all fields will lead to a receipt file (BRCP007..ReceiptProductfile).

Receipt and Error -files

Examples of an extract from a receipt and a error -file:

Receipt and Error -file example

Created by David Persson on 2021/01/29 09:26